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This cuddly canine named CeePeR Jr. is an excellent training tool for kids to learn how to rescue their pets in an emergency. Kids will learn how to properly apply rescue breathing (mouth-to-snout) techniques - properly blow into Jr.'s nose and if performed correctly, kids will be rewarded by watching the lungs rise. Kids will also be able to practice performing CPR (chest compressions) techniques, and abdominal thrusts in the event of a choking pet. These will help them stay calm in real life situations, increasing the chances of a pet's survival before they are taken to the veterinarian.

CeePeR Jr. comes with two face shields and a carrying tote. Recommended for kids ages 8 years and above. 

Education Level
Elementary School
Junior High School
Type of Alternative Mannikin
Size Approximately 23" in length

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CeePeR Jr. for Kids