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This is a realistic, full-size, feline mannikin with a realistic airway with representations of the trachea, esophagus, epiglottis, tongue, articulated jaw, and working lungs. Fluffy can be used in CPR and anesthesia training and features mouth-to-snout rescue breathing, endotracheal tube placement, manual ventilation, and chest compressions. She features an artificial pulse, and can assist with learning exercises in cat restraint, bandaging, and intravenous access (several vein practice sites). Included are the following accessories: carrying case, artificial training blood, IV reservoir, IV holder, 5 disposable lungs, endotracheal tube, syringe, and grooming brush. Fluffy can be used at colleges, veterinary and medical schools, or veterinary technician schools.

Education Level
Veterinary School
Veterinary Technician Training
Medical School
Type of Alternative Mannikin
Advanced Veterinary Training

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Critical Care Fluffy