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This is a realistic full-size canine mannikin, approximating a 60-70 lb. dog. Featuring an artificial pulse and a realistic airway with representations of the trachea, esophagus, and epiglottis, this mannikin has working lungs and can be used in endotracheal placement, compressions, and mouth-to-snout resuscitation. Jerry also has the ability to aspirate air & fluid from the thoracic cavity to simulate trauma as well as jugular vascular access. Jerry is also designed to perform IV draw and injections. This mannikin can be used to demonstrate splinting and bandaging, and features disposable & cleanable parts. Included with Jerry are the following accessories: carrying case, endotracheal tube, syringe, brush, 5 disposable lungs, IV pole, IV holder, IV reservoir bags, and artificial training blood. Jerry is perfect for use at colleges, veterinary and medical schools, or veterinary technician schools.

Education Level
Veterinary School
Veterinary Technician Training
Medical School
Type of Alternative Mannikin
Size Full size approximates a 60-70 lb. dog
Advanced Veterinary Training

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Critical Care Jerry