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his realistic multi-functional canine mannikin offers instructors the capability to select the appropriate scenario for various classroom situations, and features breath and heart sound modules, which add real patient data to the classroom training exercise. Students can auscultate with a stethoscope to hear and identify actual patient sounds which are provided by the plug-in modules. Breath sounds include: broncho-vesicular, cavernous, crackles, monophonic wheeze, pleural friction rub, pulmonary edema, puppy, stridor, tracheal, vesicular, and wheezes. Heart sounds include: atrial fib, mitrial regurgitation, MR murmur, mitral regurgitation, mitral valve click, normal heartbeat, PDA, pulmoic stenosis, respiratory crackles SAS, VPC, and VSD. Goldie also has lights that illuminate during expiration.

Education Level
Veterinary School
Veterinary Technician Training
Medical School
Type of Alternative Mannikin
Size Full size approximates a 60-70 lb. dog
Advanced Veterinary Training

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Goldie K-9 Breath Heart Simulator Mannikin