How does The Science Bank work?

It's as easy as Borrow, Learn, Return! Simply place your order, provide information that allows us to verify your identity, receive and use your loaned items, and return your items to us when you're done! Read detailed instructions.

Who can borrow from The Science Bank?

Anyone 18+ (if you are under 18 you must have a parent/guardian secure the loan) in the continental U.S. can borrow from The Science Bank. We have solutions for educators, parents, students, homeschoolers, and camps at any level. Read the full terms & conditions.

How much does it cost to borrow from The Science Bank?

The borrower is responsible for covering the cost of return shipping, but it is otherwise 100% free to borrow from The Science Bank. The cost of return shipping is dependent upon the size, weight, and declared value of your loan. We can provide you a cost estimate upon shipment. If the cost of return shipment is outside your budget, let your loan administrator know.

The borrower is also responsible for the replacement/repair cost of any unreturned or damaged items.

How long can I borrow from The Science Bank?

Standard loan periods are 2-3 weeks, but we would be happy to discuss extended loan periods with you or work something out that will meet your needs. Your loan administrator will contact you after placing your order to determine the loan period.

What happens if the item I want to borrow isn't available?

The Science Bank only has a limited number of each item in stock, and we loan items on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are welcome to contact us with a reservation request if you know you will need certain items in advance. If we do not have an item you need in stock, we would be happy to help you find an appropriate substitute or contact you with the manufacturer for purchase.

Should I place my loan order as a teacher/professor or individual?

Please only place your loan order as a teacher/professor if you work at an accredited institution (K-12, university, graduate). Homeschool teachers, veterinary clinics, parents, students, and all other borrowers should place their loan orders as individuals.