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Froguts is freely available to explorers of biology

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  The Science Bank did not create Froguts. When the creators and owners of Froguts stepped down, they offered us the software to host and provide to our users for free, for as long as the software remains operable. Therefore, the Froguts software no longer receives updates, and The Science Bank staff is very limited in the technical support we can provide should you run into issues with downloading or operating the software. PLEASE read all notes and troubleshooting tips below should you run into issues with downloading or opening the software, and if you are still having issues, contact your institution's technical support services for expert assistance. FROGUTS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CHROMEBOOKS.

A note from the creators of Froguts:

"Froguts has been around since 2001. Rick, David, and Joni have had the honor of providing this resource to learners around the world. As of January 1st, 2019, we are no longer able to sustain the company and support new subscribers while we also pursue our other careers in education, healthcare data science, and museology. It is bittersweet to leave our passion for Froguts while we continue to advance education and science through other means. It truly has been our privilege to know each of our subscribers for the last 18 years. Thank you for the opportunity!

We have decided to provide free access to the downloaded software which should work on Mac and Windows based machines for many years to come (see details below) once downloaded. In fact, the expiration date on the downloaded software has been set for 100 years, hopefully by then a better solution for learning about biology systems is available! We regret that we can no longer provide support for the free versions of the download service."

Free Download

Animalearn is excited to announce that we will be hosting Froguts downloads for Mac/Windows for FREE! Froguts will allow users to virtually dissect a bullfrog, a cow eye, a starfish, a fetal pig, an owl pellet, as well as being able to explore a Mendelian Pea experiment and observe fruit flies. Every dissection is detailed and offers quizzes after each section. Students use virtual dissection tools i.e. scissors or scalpel. Each system is completely discussed and the correct order of dissect is ensured. The subject to be dissected is viewed in 3D and students have the ability to manipulate the subject prior to dissection.

Download Froguts Here:


Software will expire on: 12/31/2040

Notes: The download comes prepackaged with the Flash Player. It can be used on Mac and Windows operating systems. In order for the software to work properly on either system, please do not move the .exe (Windows) or the .app (Mac) from the downloaded Froguts_v6 folder. You can make shortcuts or links to either executable if you wish and place the shortcut, link, or alias anywhere on your system.

For Mac: If you receive a message indicating that 'Activation' is required while running the Mac version of the Froguts App, it is due to Apple's quarantining of downloaded software. You can remove the quarantine using the instructions below. You can get more information about Apple quarantine here.

How To Remove Apple Quarantine of Downloaded Files:

  1. Download the Froguts software to your Mac desktop
  2. Double-click on the zipped file on your desktop named:
    1. A folder named "Froguts_v6" should appear on your desktop, you will need to leave it on the desktop
  3. Open the Mac Terminal application
    1. Press the COMMAND key and SPACEBAR (At The Same Time) to launch Spotlight (a Mac OS native application)
    2. A Spotlight window with a text field should appear
    3. Type "Terminal" into the Spotlight text field, then double-click the search result that says ''
  4. Copy and Paste this command into the Terminal window:
    xattr -d /Users/$USER/Desktop/Froguts_v6/
  5. While still in the Terminal, and while the cursor is at the end of the above pasted command, press the RETURN key
  6. You should now be able to double-click the inside the Froguts_v6 folder on your desktop, and run the software without being asked to activate

Troubleshooting Tips: Activation Code

A common problem users encounter is their Froguts software asking for an "activation code." You do not need an activation code. Please follow the troubleshooting steps below if you are being prompted for an activation code.

  1. Delete and redownload.
  2. Make sure you open the file relevant to your device: Froguts_V6_PC will only work on PCs and will only work on MACs.
  3. Make sure you keep all subfiles in the Froguts_v6 folder after unzipping.
  4. Keep the Froguts_v6 folder on your desktop.

These steps should correct issues causing the activation code prompt.